Play and fun with real spider at your smart phone

Spider in phone funny joke

Play with Real Spider:

How funny it will be when any one will found like real spiders moving on around of your smart phone. “Spider in phone funny joke” is such a funny app which will give you that pleasure. Install the funny app to your smart phone and see the magic.

The app “Spider in phone funny joke”:

Throw an animated real spider on the screen of your mobile phone. Application “spider in funny joke of the phone” shows a photorealistic animation of real spiders in motion on the screen. You will think that real spiders are running on your phone. The animation presents two types of spiders: “Tegenaria domestica” and “Wolf spider”, which move around the entire screen. In the meantime, you can use your phone: play games, read e-mail, surf the Internet. Other running applications do not stop the spider APP. They will always be at the top.

Remember, you can remove the application from the screen at any time by pressing the application icon labeled “Remove spiders” in the notification bar. This application is perfect to frighten your friends who suffer from arachnophobia. You can also try it out for friends who are not afraid of spiders – maybe you can cheat and scare them.

In addition, you can set the time after which terrible spiders appear on the screen, and the ability to create a transparent spider icon in the notification bar to cheat your friends. Both options increase the success of the joke.

Spider in phone funny jokeSpider in phone funny jokeSpider in phone funny joke









Download the app by following link:
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Spider in phone funny jokeSpider in phone funny jokeSpider in phone funny joke


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