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How to get online visa information at VISA CHECK app.

Online visa check, how to get visa, visa information

Online Visa information check: Whenever we apply for a visa for a country whether it is for traveling, business, study, job or for migration by ourselves or by traveling agency on that time we always feel tension. To know the visa information we search at internet by writing visa information, online visa check, how to…
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Inkling eBooks, a a great resource of ebook store and ebook free

Inkling eBooks

Ebooks free and ebook store: Inkling is the great source of ebooks free and ebook store. Get all type of ebook here according to your choice. Just install the Inkling app to your smart phone and enter the ebook world and learn whatever you want. What INLING contains: As featured in the New York Times,…
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BP and Sugar Check Through Finger Prank

BP and Sugar Check Through Finger Prank

Check your BPC (Blood Pressure and Sugar: Check your Blood Pressure and Sugar by your smart phone. Taking information of your body from your finger print it will give you all BP and Sugar information of your body. This application is really entertaining, it just a great prank. How the BPC app work: BP and…
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Tango App for Free Video Call & Chat at smartphone and tab

Tango - Free Video Call & Chat

Tango App: Try the social communication app Tango. This app will give you option for sharing free texts, stickers, photos, videos, audio and location messages, Phone calls and video calls too. So lets have a look. Features of Tango Chat: Stay in touch with the people who are important to you. Tango is the messaging…
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Play and fun with real spider at your smart phone

Spider in phone funny joke

Play with Real Spider: How funny it will be when any one will found like real spiders moving on around of your smart phone. “Spider in phone funny joke” is such a funny app which will give you that pleasure. Install the funny app to your smart phone and see the magic. The app “Spider…
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Experience on of the best Archery game the ARCHERY KING

Archery King game

  Best Archery Game: Experience the best archery game ever. It is not an ordinary archery game. It is level bases and will come different user inter face with new excitement. Probably it will be the first class experience of you. COMPETITION 1-ON-1 IN CLASSIC OR RUSH GAME MODE   Test your skills and play…
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Natural Scientific Calculator for your smart phone

Natural Scientific Calculator

Natural Scientific Calculator: All the smart phones has the general calculator and some cases scientific calculator (Lighter version) but when we need to calculate a big equation, scientific facts and formula, it is difficult to calculate by those built in application. The “Natural Scientific Calculator” is here to solve all those equations for you. Natural…
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GPS Speedometer app to watch or calibration speed of your car


GPS SPEEDOMETER APP : GPS speedometer app to watch or calibration of your car speed. By using speedometer sensor any one can track car speed and track car location. The app displays the current speed on a digital / analog speedometer, tracks the maximum speed and the average speed. Speedometer also allow you to easily…
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How to use UBER Taxi in Bangladesh; Ubar Apps review

Uber in Dhaka

GUIDE FOR UBER BANGLADESH: Why do you spend money on Dhaka local buses and suffer if UBER is right in front of you? Here we present you the Uber Bangladesh app, which will help you to call the Uber taxi. You just need to install this Uber app guide and the work is almost done….
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Check the VAT you pay to seller by VAT Checker App

VAT Checker

VAT CHECKER APP: Does the seller really pay the VAT to the Govt. you or I pay to them? Now by VAT checker app you can check it at your smart phone. HOW VAT CHECKER WORKS: Many of our institutions are illegally evaded VAT. No one had picked this restaurant, you will see the bill…
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