Natural Scientific Calculator for your smart phone

Natural Scientific Calculator

Natural Scientific Calculator:

All the smart phones has the general calculator and some cases scientific calculator (Lighter version) but when we need to calculate a big equation, scientific facts and formula, it is difficult to calculate by those built in application. The “Natural Scientific Calculator” is here to solve all those equations for you.

Natural display:

1970s. Our Natural Input solves this problem by entering equations as you would write them on paper by using breaks, roots, exponents, and more. You can use other applications to enter equations in a single line, such as the It’s called a “natural display” and is a common feature on scientific calculators like the Casio fx 570 991 es/vn plus, and we’ve finally brought it over to Android! Confused when your equation looks like this? 50∗1/(0.05/12−0.08/12)[1−((1+0.08/12)/(1+0.05/12))^3]. We are too, so we’ve made structures like fractions display naturally as it does on paper.

Natural Scientific Calculator 1Natural Scientific Calculator

Natural Scientific Calculator










Scientific Calculator





Scroll feature
Swipe on the keyboard to move the cursor up and down, left and right. Touch to edit expression.

Calculate functionality
• Solve equation
• Derivative function
• Integrate function
• Base N calculation
• Table
• Solve cubic polynomial
• Solve quadratic polynomial
• Solve in-equation quadratic
• Complex number

Angel unit Radian, Degree, Gradian

Output type
• Fraction
• Mixed fraction
• Decimal
• Repeat decimal
• Degree/Minus/Second
• Polar coordinate

More feature
• Automatic calculate: see result as you typing
• Vibrate and sound
• Decimal formatter
• Calculation history
• Variable value
• Full keyboard and compact keyboard
• Change font family
• Change theme
• Change font size

Natural Scientific CalculatorNatural Scientific Calculator


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