GPS Speedometer app to watch or calibration speed of your car


GPS speedometer app to watch or calibration of your car speed. By using speedometer sensor any one can track car speed and track car location.

The app displays the current speed on a digital / analog speedometer, tracks the maximum speed and the average speed. Speedometer also allow you to easily switch between units of measure (mph or km / h) for use in your vehicle (your bike, your car, on a boat or on an airplane) and track your trip with live tracking on the map!

GPS Speedometer

– Switch between KM / H and MPH mode for speed measurement.

– Analog speedometer in portrait format.

– Landscape mode to display the digital tachometer in full screen mode.

– Display the average and maximum speed of the trip.

– Switch between bicycle and vehicle operation with 120 km / h up to 360 km / h speed range.


– Show GPS accuracy indicator.


– Track the distance covered, the average speed and the maximum speed.
– Save the history of the tracking data along with the real-time data display.
– Ability to turn tracking on / off.
– Time recording with played time.
– Return history tracking data quickly and easily.


– Select several songs or tracks from the music library
– Play music in the background when using speedometer for live tracking


-Display current speed and distance.
-Display current position on the map in real time with standard, satellite or hybrid view.

– Display weather conditions for the current location
– View Sunrise and Sunset.


– Continued use of GPS in the background can drastically reduce the battery life.
– GPS is not always accurate due to device hardware sensor limitations.
– Data connection is required to see map.
– Make sure you have enabled the site service for the application.

Your use of GPS Speedometer is free in exchange for safe use some of the resources of your device (WiFi and very limited cellular data) and only if you have not used your device.


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