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Get all BD GOVT. University Admission form and info in a Single site

University admission info: In general students search all over net to get admission info and form of Govt. Universities but BD. Govt. e-service providing all relevant information in a single site. any one can visit here for all admission, fee, result, notice etc. of all govt. universities.

ছোট মণিদের ছড়া ও কবিতা

সোনা মণিদের কবিতা ও ছড়া অডিও আবৃত্তিসহ, সোনামনিদের মজার মজার ছড়া ও কবিতা, শিশুদের বিনোদনের মাধ্যমে শিক্ষার জন্য জন্য একটি উপযোগি টোল, এই এস্প এ প্রায় ২০+ ছড়া ও কবিতা যুক্ত করা হয়েছে। এখানে আছে মজার মজার সব কবিতা….১. হাট্টিমা টিম টিম – hattima tim tim২. আম পাতা জোড়া জোড়া- ampata jora jora৩. আমার পন-…
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100+ Computer problems and solution tips App

how to solve my computer problem, how to solve problems of my pc, how to solve my pc problem. solve my laptop problem

How to solve problems of your PC: It is sure, whenever we face problems with our PC or laptop most of us search on Google to get a solution of the problem by writing, “how to solve my computer problem?”, “how to solve problems of my pc?”, “how to solve my pc problem?” or solve…
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Inkling eBooks, a a great resource of ebook store and ebook free

Inkling eBooks

Ebooks free and ebook store: Inkling is the great source of ebooks free and ebook store. Get all type of ebook here according to your choice. Just install the Inkling app to your smart phone and enter the ebook world and learn whatever you want. What INLING contains: As featured in the New York Times,…
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Natural Scientific Calculator for your smart phone

Natural Scientific Calculator

Natural Scientific Calculator: All the smart phones has the general calculator and some cases scientific calculator (Lighter version) but when we need to calculate a big equation, scientific facts and formula, it is difficult to calculate by those built in application. The “Natural Scientific Calculator” is here to solve all those equations for you. Natural…
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